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Diogenec Group focuses on research, education, consulting, and operational support concerning medical services, emergency preparedness, and homeland security.


This includes the rigorous development and application of theory and empirical knowledgeand the promotion of best practices within these realms.


Our professional services link increasing knowledge, enhancing access, ensuring regulatory and programmatic compliance, preparedness, and response. This holistic approach produces responsive and resilient organizations, because:

Preparedness is a best practice.™

Insights and Experience


Exceptional insight and professional expertise are hallmarks of our efforts. We have contributed to a nationwide assessment of VA mental health residential treatment centers, the examination of suicide in the military, and research on psychological trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).


Diogenec Group professionals have designed, fielded, trained, maintained, and deployed hospital and surge medical equipment systems. From analysis to program design to execution to evaluation, Diogenec Group offers superior support to government, industry, and academia.

An expert healthcare team providing strategic advisory, implementation management, preparedness and response support, and scientific services to health systems, academic institutions, private industry, government, and international organizations. Our clients include medical facilities, academia, police and fire organizations, international organizations, and the government sector including city, county, state and federal entities.


Subject Matter Experts


An organization is only as good as the talent it can allocate toward achieving a mission.Diogenec enjoys the support of an extensive network of subject matter experts (SMEs) and operationally adept professionals. We draw from a broad array of individuals who offer years of expertise gained from thought leadership, teaching, and “hands on” experience. In many cases, these experts literally “wrote the book” concerning their expertise. The contributions of individuals with exceptional acumen – some of whom are highlighted in the following pages – combined with the considerable resources of strategic partners enable Diogenec to assemble a
highly qualified team, customized to
specific needs, and focused on the
issues at hand.


The Diogenec Formula: 

  • The Right Knowledge +•

  • The Right Experience +•

  • Unique Perspective =•

  • Optimal Outcomes

Experts in Healthcare and Emergency Preparedness

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