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The Diogenec Group offers technical knowledge and experience ranging from policy development to implementation and daily operations. Diogenec Group draws from a history of successful performance that demonstrates our ability to be technically responsible and held accountable to perform this work.


The partners and affiliated staff have worked a diverse range of issues and understand the underlying statutes, requirements, and processes that must be negotiated to address today's issues in healthcare. Past performance includes achieving proven results working across the federal spectrum – within DoD and including projects with the Departments of Veterans Affairs, State, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services. We offer significant experience working with the Program, Planning, and Budgeting System (PPBS), varying organizational cultures, major and theater commands, and joint and interagency operations. Among our collective experience, we count foundational work on Community Based Healthcare Organizations (CBHCO), the Federal Strategic Health Alliance (FEDS_HEAL) program (which evolved into the DoD Reserve Health Readiness Program), the Military Vaccine Agency (MILVAX), the Hooah4Health interactive wellness and health education program, and the Joint/Interagency Civil Support Training Center (JICSTC). We have participated in improving patient centered care coordination, population health surveillance, health promotion and education, outbreak and epidemiological

investigation, force health protection projects, policy development, and education and information

to executive and legislative offices.


Further experience includes developing the basic framework for present military medical

intelligence; placing the Navy Forward Laboratories used during the Persian Gulf and Somalia

into Marine doctrine for early battlefield detection and conformation of CBW use and providing for tropical disease outbreak diagnoses, managing the DoD Persian Gulf Illnesses clinical evaluation program, and

directing a joint State Department/DoD investigative team with official status equivalent to that of

an embassy department head.


Other organizations served have included occupational health providers, home health systems,

behavioral health providers and payors, union-based primary care facilities, dialysis centers, the

New York City municipal hospital system, and integrated rehabilitation and human services systems.

Diogenec designed and built response module deployed to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Katrina.

Experts in Healthcare and Emergency Preparedness

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