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Diogenec Group's focus is research, education, and consulting supporting medical services, emergency preparedness, and homeland security. This includes the rigorous development and application of theory and empirical knowledge, leading to best practices within these realms.


Diogenec offers a wide range of consultative, evaluative, and planning services and expertise. Diogenec Group subject matter experts (SMEs) are leaders in their fields, often the authors of the definitive texts for their disciplines, and typically hold or have held faculty appointments at leading universities.


A distinguishing characteristic of the Diogenec Group is the demonstrated expertise and deep technical knowledge of its partners and associates. The founding partners represent nearly a century of experience and accumulated knowledge. This includes more than a decade of DoD-level manpower analysis, force development, and personnel policy work, as well as field epidemiological and disease outbreak investigations at the service and major command level. Recognized experts in their fields, Diogenec SMEs have contributed to multiple presentations, publications, and testimony before Presidential commissions and Congressional hearings.


Diogenec offers the unparalleled expertise of SMEs from leading universities, public policy research institutes, and select teaming partners to develop and implement a systems-level approach to quantify capabilities and ensure optimum results within the extended medical community.


Disciplines represented include epidemiology, psychiatry and behavioral health, tropical medicine, travel medicine, preventive medicine, population health surveillance, dental services and policy, nursing, national health policy, operational medicine, military personnel accession and retention policy, military medical readiness, program management, statistical analysis, training, health promotion and wellness education, cultural anthropology, and emergency preparedness.

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