Philosophy and Mission //

Diogenec Group's founding partners share significant operational history, clinical expertise, and strategic planning and execution experience -- close to 100 years of public service, including 50+ years of emergency preparedness, homeland security and bioterrorism related work. This experience both predates 9/11 and has helped form the foundation for exemplary emergency preparedness and homeland security programs.


Diogenec Group expertise is supported by consultative excellence that brings leading

theorists and practitioners together to provide the right solution, on time, and on target.


Diogenec Group was formed to promote the next generation of effectiveness and

preparedness, based on two core beliefs:

  • Many systems, methods, and techniques implemented in the wake of 9/11 – processes
    developed for the Cold War Soviet threat – while valuable, have limited applicability to
    today's threats. In fact, well intentioned adherence to conventional wisdom can have
    disastrous consequences if the present peril or emerging threat is not anticipated and an appropriate response planned.

  • Preparedness promotes routine operational efficiency and enhances service quality.


We also know that life changing events can occur in an instant. 


Diogenec Group's founders and SMEs include individuals who were at the Pentagon on 9/11, who responded to the World Trade Center events in 1993 and 2001, who provided education and services as part of the response to the anthrax attacks, and who were instrumental in identifying the emergence of SARS to the Western World. We have been members of governmental panels and have participated in writing emergency preparedness plans.


We strive to be the industry leader in the provision and coordination of integrated medical services, emergency preparedness, and homeland security. From advocacy to execution, the Diogenec Group offers unsurpassed experience and expertise.

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