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We provide a suite of services addressing Evaluation and Assessment, Operational Support, Education and Training, Strategic Planning, Policy Development, Research and Consulting.

Specialized Equipment
Operational Expertise and Support

Diogenec Group provides critical support to augment internal assets, provide supplemental capabilities, or address special needs or events. Providing technically proficient and operationally astute staff lies at the core of our preparedness mission.


Current and successfully completed projects have included:—

  • Providing logistical management for the DC Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Administration (HEPRA), coordination of Strategic National Stockpile and other medical emergency materiel.—

  • Conceptualizing and launching an organizational redesign of Army Reserve medical structure and creation of the Army Reserve Medical Command (AR-MEDCOM). —

  • Consultation to Medical Board Office, 1284-bed Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, NY; designing and implementing Medical Staff Appointment and Credentialing Systems, validated by Joint Commission and State surveys and correcting serious deficiencies discovered during a highly publicized incident. —

  • Creation of the Air Force Medical Evaluation Support Activity to assess and test field medical equipment.

Diogenec Group subject matter experts deliver assessment and evaluation of existing programs with regard to quality, efficacy, and efficiency. These efforts often result in the creation of milestone programs.


Disaster readiness and enterprise value go hand-in-hand. Both are dynamic, forward-looking and expectations-based. Management with the foresight and commitment to plan for unexpected business-compromising situations, and the leadership skills to drive an effective turnaround, is the bigger factor influencing a recovery - every bit as significant as the direct financial consequences of the disaster. Promoting and enforcing a culture of readiness protects an organization’s assets.


Diogenec subject matter experts have:—

  • Conducted a comprehensive review of District of Columbia statutes on social distancing and quarantine for a project funded by CDC and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers.

  • —Sponsored a conference, in conjunction with the Glaucoma Foundation, that led to the revision of the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) findings on glaucoma.—

  • Assisted with the development of an evaluation tool employed by Mathematica Policy Research to assess the Veterans Affairs Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Transformation Plan, executing a detailed review of 188 residential treatment programs in 104 locations nationwide.

  • —Provided subject matter expertise, as a subcontractor to BearingPoint, to the Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury.—

  • Evaluated high volume urban emergency departments (Level 1 Trauma and academic medical centers) and outpatient clinics for regulatory compliance, accreditation.

It is not sufficient to simply identify an operational need. True value comes from creating workable and enduring solutions. Diogenec SMEs develop and help implement answers to the pressing issues facing organizations today.


Accomplishments of Diogenec experts have included:—

  • Design and establishment of the Federal Strategic Health Alliance (FEDS_HEAL), the precursor to the DoD Reserve Health Readiness Program, a $170 million medical and dental readiness support system comprised of Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) and private providers, serving 1.2 million members. —

  • Participation in the development of the DoD anthrax immunization and smallpox inoculation programs. This included service as the initial primary instructor in smallpox vaccination techniques for DoD.

  • —Service as a member of the City of Philadelphia Emergency Preparedness Review Committee (EPRC).—

  • Development of the national emergency preparedness plan for the Republic of the Maldives on behalf of the United Nations Development Program.—

  • Development and delivery to a state department of health of a class on domestic medical intelligence and emerging disease recognition.


Diogenec offers tailored programmatic development and continuity planning to each client’s individual situation, industry conditions, and needs. Based on findings from our scoping and gap analysis, we make client-specific recommendations to manage and either eliminate or mitigate the impact of identified vulnerabilities on your organization. No two Diogenec plans are alike.

Strategic Planning, Research & Consulting
Program and Policy Development




Expert Integrators


Diogenec Group experts leverage decades of operational experience to design shelter and equipment sets to meet any need.



Deployable Infrastructure


From the First Responder (FR) family of contingency equipment sets to the more extensive Self-Contained Rapid Response Utility Base Systems (SCRRUBS) medical response system, Diogenec experts will help identify the optimal configuration for any mission set. 

Diogenec leverages significant operational and logistical experience and expertise in designing and assembling integrated surge capacity systems. This includes developing and deploying:—

  • Deployable Infrastructure Systems

  • —Disaster Response Medical Equipment—

  • Medical Logistics Management Programs—

  • Contingencies to meet special operational needs


Key Diogenec leadership offers more than a century of combined military, public, international, and private healthcare operational experience. This has included stewardship of comprehensive healthcare capabilities in some of the most hostile environments on the globe. The ability to meet needs, appropriately and on time, lies at the core of our success.Select support activities have:—

  • Developed, fielded, and maintained deployable infrastructure systems and disaster response medical equipment for the Army, Navy, Texas National Guard, major academic medical centers, departments of health, fire departments, and county emergency services divisions.—

  • Provided operational site support to:—

    • 2005 Presidential Inauguration—

    • WWII Memorial Dedication—

    • President Reagan Funeral


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